About Us


We have been designing and selling sunglasses from the very beginning of our business. Basing on our long-standing experience, maintaining a steady course of development, and, most importantly, fulfilling the needs of our customers, we have created our signature VERMARI line of eyeglasses frames which, thanks to our design and manufacturing technology, ensure maximum comfort and reliability. Having our customers in mind, and closely monitoring the latest fashion trends in glasses, we regularly introduce new models of stylishly designed frames in various colour schemes.


Thanks to high quality of our products, our engagement in continuous development, and the highest level of customer service, we have achieved a very stable market position and gained numerous regular customers.

Our frames are manufactured in the world’s best factories, under constant supervision of leading experts, which guarantees meeting the highest global standards of quality as well as the requirements of EU regulations. We use advanced technologies to create perfectly functional and fashionable glasses.