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Vermari - corrective frames and premium sunglasses.

Vermari is a brand that has proudly produced premium eyewear, eyeglasses and corrective frames for more than a decade. We are constantly introducing new standards of elegance, innovation and comfort. Our extraordinary passion for creating exceptional frames is evident in the highest quality materials, advanced technologies and perfect workmanship. We work with renowned designers to deliver products that perfectly harmonize design with the latest technological advances.


Vermari glasses and frames are true works of art. They combine innovation, elegance and sophisticated style.
Working with hundreds of colors, we use our knowledge of the power of color and its psychological impact to create frames that are sure to attract attention.
Both lovers of the classic approach and followers of the latest fashion trends will find the perfect combination of colors and shades.
Our subtle logo blended into the temple adds a unique character and elegance to Vermari glasses.
We believe that design is not only aesthetics, but also a way of expressing one's individuality and emphasizing one's style.


As a premium eyewear and frame manufacturer, Vermari is constantly striving for technological excellence. We work with renowned designers to provide eyewear that is truly masterpieces of engineering. Our passion for innovation ensures that we use only the best materials available on the market. We use materials such as high-quality acetate, aluminum and titanium. Every part of the frame is carefully crafted to ensure durability, comfort and reliability. We also introduce pioneering materials such as polycarbonate and TR90. These feature exceptional flexibility and resistance to damage. All this to provide products that combine cutting-edge technology with sophisticated style.


Our team fully understands that wearing comfort is crucial to the complete eyewear experience. That's why we place great emphasis on ergonomic fit and comfort when designing our frames . Some models are equipped with flexible FLEX hinges. This system provides all-day comfort with a flexible temple hinge. Our frames can have integrated or flexible nose pads, made of soft and pleasant to the touch material.
We also know that comfort is not only a matter of the fit of the frames, but also the quality of the lenses, which are the heart of each pair of glasses.

We use the highest quality lenses in our sunglasses. The lenses in each pair of sunglasses have polarization, a high-end UV 400 filter and a sensational anti-reflective coating.
Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that our glasses will provide exceptional comfort, even during prolonged wear.


At Vermari, each eyewear design is the result of a precise combination of our extensive knowledge of facial physiognomy, material technology, constant research into the needs of wearers, and a keen eye on the latest trends in global fashion. Based on our experience, we create a collection that meets even the highest expectations of Vermari customers. Each frame is carefully designed to emphasize individual style, adding chic and elegance regardless of styling.

Premium quality

Quality is a top priority at Vermari. We strictly control every stage of production to ensure premium eyewear of the highest quality. Our frames are precisely made, down to the smallest detail. Each piece is carefully tested for durability, fit and functionality. We use advanced technology to provide durable eyewear that withstands daily wear and tear and will last customers for years to come.
At Vermari, we believe that quality is not just a promise, but a fulfillment of our highstandards.


We work exclusively with reputable optical stores and well-known optical brands.
We are dynamically developing a distribution network throughout Europe.
In our offer we have vermari sunglasses, premium corrective frames.

If you are interested in establishing cooperation, we cordially invite you to contact us through the contact form.

The products presented on the Vermari website are only a part of the extensive collection we offer to our partners.

We guarantee excellent support, fast order processing and efficient logistics throughout Europe.
Our team is ready to answer your questions and discuss the details of cooperation.
Together we can build a fruitful and long-lasting business relationship.

Vermari is not only products of the highest quality, but also professionalism and commitment in every aspect of the business.

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

What materials are used to make premium frames?

Premium eyewear is often made from premium materials such as titanium, stainless steel, gold or even hand-polished acetate. These materials are not only durable, but also lightweight for exceptional wearing comfort. Every detail, from the hinges to the detailed finishes, is carefully selected to ensure the best quality and aesthetics.

What features distinguish premium eyewear from others?

Premium eyewear is distinguished from others primarily by its high quality workmanship. They are often handmade, which allows for greater control over details and guarantees the uniqueness of each pair. In addition, premium brands such as Vermari often offer unique, custom options, such as customizable frame color and size, allowing for a perfect match to each customer's individual preferences.

What are the current trends in corrective eyewear?

Current trends in eyewear include a variety of styles and shapes, such as classic "cat eye" glasses, minimalist metal frames or retro-inspired frames. It is important to choose a style that suits your personal taste and comfort, while emphasizing individuality and elegance. It all depends on what kind of impression you want to make: whether you are looking for subtle elegance or rather want to draw attention to yourself.

How do I choose frames for my face shape?

Selecting frames for the shape of the face is key to emphasizing natural harmony. For an oval face, almost all frame shapes fit. Round faces blend best with square and rectangular frames, which add angles. For a heart-shaped face, frames that are wider at the bottom fit, while for a square face, round and oval frames are best to soften the lines of the face.

Should I consider my eye or hair color when choosing frames?

Yes, choosing the right color of frames can accentuate your eye or hair color. For example, if you have blue eyes, frames in a shade of blue can accentuate them. Dark hair contrasts well with lighter frames, and vice versa.

Are there additional accessories or personalization options that can make my frames unique?

Yes, some brands offer the possibility to personalize your frames, such as by engraving your initials. In addition, there are various accessories such as eyeglass chains or cases in different colors and designs that can give your frames a unique touch.

Should I consider the color trends of my clothes when choosing my frames?

Yes, matching the color of your frames to the color scheme of your closet can help create a cohesive and harmonious look. But remember that frames are also an opportunity to introduce contrast and add character to your styling. The most important thing is that you feel good about your choice.