§ 1.
Online store https// (hereinafter referred to as
) led
is by
Vermari Eyewera Group limited liability company
limited partnership
based in Warsaw address: 18/B21 Solec St., 00-410
entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register
conducted by the District Court in Warsaw, XII Economic Department
of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000728902 NIP: 5213824070 REGON.
380020117 ( hereinafter referred to as
Vermari or alternatively Seller)
§ 2.
Regulations - these rules and regulations. In terms of services provided by road
Electronic Regulations are the regulations referred to in Article 8 of the Law of
July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002, no. 144,
item 1204, as amended), and the Seller is in the position of a service provider within the meaning of the
the indicated legal act. These Regulations are addressed exclusively to
Entrepreneurs and does not apply to consumers within the meaning of Art.
Civil Code Law (cited.
A consumer is considered to be an individual
making a legal transaction with an entrepreneur that is not directly related to its
business or professional activity
Entrepreneur - a natural person, legal entity or organizational unit
not being a legal person to which a separate law grants legal capacity,
performing a business or professional activity in its own name.
Customer - Entrepreneur who, under the terms of this
Regulations makes an order in the Store.
Seller - the entity providing sales services through the Store
Internet on the terms and conditions set forth in the Regulations in question.
Object of transaction - Goods listed and described on the website
Goods - a movable item, presented in the Online Store, to which it applies
Sales Contract.
Account - customer's account in the Store, in which
data provided by
Customer and information about Orders placed by him in the Store.
Registration form - a form available in the Store, allowing you to
creation of an Account.
Order form - an interactive form available in the Store
Allowing you to place an order, in particular by adding Products to the
Basket and to determine the terms of the Sales Agreement, including the method of delivery and
Shopping cart - an element of the Store's software in which the selected
by the customer Products to purchase, and there is also the possibility of determining and modifying the
Order data, in particular the quantity of products.
Sales Contract - a contract for the sale of Goods within the meaning of the Code Act.
Civil Code, concluded between the Seller and the Customer, using the service
Online Store.
Contract concluded at a distance - a contract concluded with the customer within the framework of the
organized system of concluding contracts at a distance (within the Store), without
simultaneous physical presence of the parties, with the exclusive use of one or
more means of distance communication until the conclusion of the contract
Online Store - an online service available at
through which the customer can submit
Order - a declaration of intent by the Customer specifying unambiguously the type and quantity
Goods, aiming directly at the conclusion of the Sales Agreement.
ICT system - a set of cooperating devices
IT and software, providing processing and storage,
as well as sending and receiving data through telecommunications networks by means of
appropriate for the type of network end device.
§ 3.
The object of the Store is to sell goods found in the
current product range
exclusively to Entrepreneurs
Businessmen who, in any form, have declared their willingness to
making purchases through the Store.
Merchandise displayed in the Store (includes merchandise with a listed price) does not constitute an offer in the
Within the meaning of the Civil Code, but only an invitation to conclude a contract
within the meaning of the provision of Article 71 of the Civil Code Act. Placing an order by
Customer means the offer of the Customer, which requires the approval/confirmation of the Store.
In addition, instead of an offer, the customer may submit an inquiry with respect to the
of a specific product included in the Store's offer.
Placing of the order by the Customer referred to in § 3 is tantamount to the following
Customer's acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations.
The prices listed next to the products do not include shipping costs, which are added
The store is used to make purchases (conclude sales contracts
and the Customer) via an ICT system.
While the technical requirements are as follows: in order to make a purchase
It is necessary to have a computer with access to the Internet, a browser
Internet (in the latest version released by the software manufacturer),
an active e-mail address and inbox space to exchange
correspondence with the Store.
§ 7.
Only persons conducting business are authorized to purchase from the Store
Businesses that have expressed a desire to enter into sales contracts through the
Store and which
assigned a dedicated account in the Store (given to the Customer
registration form and including: username, login and password). Offer
Store is valid only in the territory of the Republic of Poland, applies to deliveries to
of the Customer's registered office resulting from the data held by the
and made available
voluntarily by the Client. In the performance of the contract, Polish law shall apply. Customer
assumes all responsibility for the transmission of data identifying him in the
Store to third parties, in particular for placing orders by such persons.
§ 8.
The basic condition for the realization of the purchases made is the correct
Completing the order form and sending it to the Store. The condition of
necessary for the execution of the order is the registration of the Customer in the Store
available at the address given in § 1 and the validity of the Customer's data.
§ 9.
The Store's acceptance of each order placed is confirmed by e-
by e-mail and through information displayed in the Store's system. Acceptance
The order is equivalent to the conclusion of a sales contract.
and Shop
Are not responsible for defects in the transmission of e-mail confirmations, caused by
factors beyond their control (e.g., failures of email servers, links
Internet, natural disasters).
§ 10.
By sending an order from the Store's website, the Customer declares that he/she has familiarized himself/herself with the
the contents of these Regulations and undertakes to be unconditional
compliance. In case of failure to comply with the provisions of the Regulations, the Store is
entitled to cancel the order placed without incurring any
§ 11.
The store accepts orders around the clock on all days of the year. Orders
submitted to the basket on Sundays and holidays receive the run of the next business day.
The customer can order goods found in the Store with the specifications given there.
Any deviation is unacceptable. In particular, the customer in the comments
substantive changes to the subject matter must not be written into the contract
procurement. The introduction of such
changes are considered ineffective, which means that the
The customer has made an order for goods with the specifications described in the Store (its offer).
§ 12.
The store reserves the right to reject incorrectly or incompletely filled in
order forms. The purchaser may make any corrections to the
order only until the order is confirmed and only to that extent,
as allowed by the system. A confirmed order cannot be canceled without
§ 13.
All prices quoted in the Store are expressed in Polish zloty (PLN). Prices
are given in net (without VAT) and gross (with
VAT tax on goods and services). Transactions are concluded in Polish zlotys.
The Store reserves the right to change prices. In such cases, the Store
undertakes to inform the Customer immediately of the situation. W
If you do not accept the new price, the order for the specified product will not be
implemented, and the contract is considered not concluded. The store in exceptional
cases has the right to make price changes for orders that are in
During implementation, which have already been confirmed (accepted) through the
confirmation of the execution of the order.
The store issues a sales document in the form of a VAT invoice. Placing an order with
request is tantamount to authorization
to issue a VAT invoice
For purchased goods without the signature of the recipient. The customer hereby
To send an invoice by email, without the signature of the issuer, without
certified qualified electronic signature, in PDF format.
Every customer and user of the site is bound by the current Privacy Policy
located on the Store's website under the "Store Regulations" tab.
§ 16.
Changes made to the Privacy Policy shall not lead to a violation of the
principles that the Store does not sell or share personal information with third parties
or address details of its customers/users.
§ 17.
The store reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy.
§ 18.
Personal information of the customer: name, surname, company, business address, shipping address, e-address
email and contact phone are entered into the sales system (with
used to invoice contractors) at the time when the
The customer declares his willingness to make purchases through the Store. Customer
is obliged to verify the accuracy of the data on an ongoing basis and report any
irregularities in this regard.
§ 19.
The customer consents to the processing of his personal data by
Vermari Eyewar Group Ltd. SP.K .
based in Warsaw address: 18 Solec St. lok.
B21, 00-410 Warsaw,
entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Register
Court conducted by the District Court in Warsaw , Division XII
Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego under KRS No. 0000728902, NIP:
5213824070, REGON 380020117.
Detailed information on the processing of personal data
can be found in the Privacy Policy as mentioned in the provisions of § 15
of these Regulations.
§ 20.
The customer may consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes of
marketing. Lack of such consent does not affect the obligation to carry out the order
By Store.
§ 21.
The payment term is determined individually with each customer. Information about
method of payment is included in the e-mail confirmation sent after submission
orders. The completion date is systemically determined for individual
orders and is visible in the orders tab. The store accepts payments
made by bank transfer to the store's bank account specified in the body of the VAT invoice. W
The title of the payment should include the VAT invoice number. The store may withhold in
any time the execution of the order(s); - block the possibility of
making purchases by the customer:
- Without giving any reason;
- In case of delay in payment or exceeding the credit limit
merchant established by
§ 22.
The store does not provide for payment by bank transfer through services
§ 23.
The delivery will be made according to the date visible after logging in at
"Orders" tab.
§ 24.
At the time of receipt of the shipment, the customer has the right and obligation to check the contents
parcel in the presence of an employee of the delivery company. In case of damage
package, non-conformity of the goods with the contract, the customer is obliged to immediately
To submit a complaint to an employee of the supplying company, and then to send a
scans of the above documents to the e mail address
regarding the condition of the delivered shipment should be reported to the person
delivering the shipment and require that an appropriate protocol be written
complaint under pain of invalidity. The customer undertakes to promptly
carry out quantitative and qualitative acceptance of each batch delivered
and in the event that quantity shortages or quality defects are found, to
their reports
and to make a complaint upon delivery. However, quality defects
hidden can be reported on the next working day after their discovery, not
However, no later than within seven days of their discovery. Notification of the lack of
quantitative can only take place at the time of delivery. Notwithstanding the above
Obligations the customer is obliged to submit via e-mail
at.................... complaint
§ 25.
The contract concluded with the Store is a contract concluded at a distance.
§ 26.
The customer may not withdraw from the contract unless such a right arises from a mandatory
applicable laws.
§ 27.
The content of the Store presents an up-to-date offer of goods, which are the basis for the
submission of an offer by the customer. In the case of
inability to realize
order The store on the right to offer the customer other goods with the same or
similar properties. In the case of the customer's consent, it will be implemented as follows
modified order. In case of disagreement, the customer will be refunded
any amounts paid for the order in question, while the Store (
) no
assumes no responsibility for failure to fulfill the order.
§ 28.
The complaint will be processed immediately, no later than within 14 days from
day of its receipt by
. If the complaint is accepted, the product
will be replaced with a full-value one, and if this is no longer possible (on the
For example, due to depletion of stock or discontinuation of its
production), the Store will offer a different product to choose from, and if you do not agree with the
another product will refund the amount received from the customer and issue a correction to the VAT invoice.
The customer does not have the right to send back the goods without agreement with the Store.
§ 29.
Purchased and delivered goods are covered by the warranty provided with the goods
§ 30.
All photographs, design, drawings, icons, descriptions and other information contained on the
The pages of the Store are protected by copyright of the Store or others. All
copying, using them without permission
or other authorized
entity is prohibited.
§ 31.
Photos of the products offered by the Store, their names, logos are the exclusive
property of their manufacturers and are used by the Store only for the purposes of
§ 32.
The store reserves the right to:
changes in prices and quantities of goods on offer in the online store on a daily basis,
withdrawal of individual products from the offer of the online store,
- Introduction of new goods to the online store's offer,
- carry out, change and cancel promotional actions on the store's pages
- The execution of large orders in separate batches.
§ 33.
Whenever the regulations refer to sending correspondence by e-mail, the statement
shall be considered legally effective even if it was made without
certified qualified electronic signature.
§ 34.
The appendices are an integral part of the Regulations.
§ 38.
In matters not covered by these regulations, the regulations apply
Civil Code and other applicable laws.
The Regulations are governed by Polish law. The Regulations may be amended;
The current content of the Regulations is available at
https://……………………………../(zakładka Regulamin).
If any disputes arise in connection with the implementation of the
provisions of the regulations, they will be submitted to the Court for resolution
competent for the city of Warsaw.
In the absence of acceptance of the changes, the customer should stop processing orders
through the Store, or else the Rules and Regulations in their new wording will be considered